Top 15 Spicy Romance Book Recommendations (updated)

    The illustrated covers for chick lit and its cousin romantic comedy are made up of common elements that help readers pick stories they might like.

    Getting these things right will make all the difference in reaching the readers who are likely to enjoy your novel. Here are some of the commonly used devices that communicate more than you’d think.

    1. Script font

    The title is usually the most prominent element on the book cover. This is why the font plays a huge part in communicating the right feel. Some women’s fiction novels go for a simple serif, but often pair it up with a handwritten or script font. Sticking to a serif gives the book a sense of gravitas, i.e. “This is a novel you should take seriously”. It can work beautifully–especially if you’re a well-known writer with rave reviews. If you’re not, it can also imply heavier subject matter and a slower-moving story. A script font communicates lightness and fun. Even in the script font category, each font carries its own specific nuance. Here are some of my impressions…

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    #1 My Lucky Star

    Janie’s 43, freshly divorced, and struggling on her Napier farm. An engagement party for her friend Aria brings unexpected help: Emir, the brooding Turkish brother of the groom.


    Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Lovers, Fake Dating, Second Chance Romance, Love Triangle, Forbidden Love, Soulmates or Fated Mates, Opposites Attract, Secret Billionaire/Prince, Amnesia, Mistaken Identity, Office Romance, Slow Burn, Insta-Love, Siblings’ Best Friend, Age Gap, Rescue Romance, Stranded Together, Secret Romance


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