Premade Character Illustrations

    Looking for a budget option with maximum creative freedom? This is it! Choose your characters, request edits, and let us design a cover that perfectly suits your book.

    It’s like custom design, we just save time on research and drawing.

    Premade Characters

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    Premade Couples

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    Sample covers

    These are just some ideas of how we can use the pre-made characters.

    How it works

    The premade characters are only the start. Your cover will still be created by a professional designer, carefully considering the layout, typography, genre, and industry trends.

    Starting with premade characters saves time on research and drawing, which means you save money on your cover.

    1. Choose characters

    You can request a combination of two or more characters, but choose the posture/clothing that’s closest to what you’re after.

    2. Request changes

    When filling out the order form, you can request up to three changes per character.

    Type of things we can change:

    •  Any colours (skin, clothing) – request for as many colour tweaks as needed, counts as one changes
    • Hair length and style / adding a hat
    • Facial hair (remove, add, shape)
    • Swapping a prop (cup/wrench) to something of similar size/shape
    • Clothing tweaks, such as shortening, lengthening hems, adding/removing patterns and detailing
    • Adding a bit of a smile, changing eye direction
    • Borrowing a face / hairstyle from a different character
    • Removing facial features/shadows/detail (doesn’t count as a change)
    • Something else similar to above – just ask!

    Changes not included in the price:

    • Changing the posture (such as from standing to sitting, lying or hanging off a ledge)
    • Adding a lot of detail (for example complex shading, hand-drawn outlines)
    • Making the face look like *insert celebrity*

    A good rule of thumb is to see the differences between characters A and B – these are the kind of changes we can make within the time frame/budget. If you need substantial changes, please consider booking a custom cover design!

    3. Tell me about your book

    When filling out the order form, please include a short blurb (a draft is fine), tropes, character descriptions, and details about the setting. You can email us visual references later.

    For these covers, we won’t draw detailed, bespoke background illustrations. However, we will look for suitable graphics from Vectorstock and modify as needed. See the sample covers above to get an idea of what’s feasible.

    4. Send an inquiry

    We’ll review your order, and if we’re confident our pre-made option suits your needs, we’ll confirm your booking. Once paid (in full), you’re booked in and you can expect the first draft of your ebook cover by end of your booked week. Please check the booking calendar to see the current availability.

    Please note that we don’t sell these illustrations *as is*, only modified, to avoid flooding the market with carbon copies. All books are unique. All covers should be unique!


    Premade covers are faster to create. This means we can usually fit you in earlier than for custom cover designs. Please contact us for availability!

    To get a better idea of our current workload, please view the booking calendar on the Custom Cover Design page.

    Once we book you in, how does it work?

    Your first drafts will be ready by the end of the week you booked. When planning your publishing schedule, please allow at least one week after the first drafts for revisions and another 3-4 days for completing the paperback cover, or a full week if you also require interior formatting.

    For example, if the publication date for your paperback is at the end of July, book your design time for the 2nd week of July, at the latest. If you want to be safe, earlier!

    Ready to get started?

    Please fill out the form and we will get back to you.

    I commissioned Enni to re-design my book cover, and I couldn't be happier with the results! She's timely, responsive, and extremely talented.

    Leah Heart


    Enni made my book come to life! She is creative, responsive and very easy to work with. I highly recommend.

    Michelle Paris


    I am beyond happy with the work Enni completed for me. Her understanding of the genre and what I wanted as an author was invaluable. I will definitely be using her for all of my books in the future!

    Kate Breitfeller


    Enni is fantastic at interpreting a brief. She delivers great work always ahead of schedule and to budget — an absolute delight to work with.

    Anouska Jones