Premade Book Character Illustrations

    On a tight budget? Create a beautiful illustrated romance / romcom book cover using our customized characters.

    Here’s how it works…

    1. Choose character(s)

    Choose the posture/clothing of the character that’s closest to what you’re after. Don’t like the face or hairstyle? Don’t worry! We can swap the head to one from another character and change the hairstyle.

    Check out the full selection of 50+ characters down this page…

    2. Request edits

    You can request up to three edits per character.

    We can change:

    •  Any colours (counts as one edit)
    • Hair style/adding a hat
    • Facial hair (remove, add, shape)
    • Swapping a prop (cup/wrench) to something of similar size/shape
    • Clothing tweaks (hem/sleeve length, level of detail)
    • Borrowing a face/hairstyle from a different character
    • Something else? – just ask!

    If you need substantial changes, please consider a custom cover design!


    3. Design away…

    We will send you hi-res PNG files you can use for you cover design, or to print stickers or other merchandise. It’s up to you how you want to design your book cover. 

    Need help?

    We offer low cost Canva templates, or you can get us to design the cover for you. Using premade characters, it’s still a more affordable option than a full custom design.


    Ready to choose your characters…?

    Female Characters

    Please note that we don’t sell these illustrations *as is*, only as edited. All books are unique. All covers should be unique!

    Male Characters

    Premade Couples

    Sample covers

    Here are some ideas on how you can use the pre-made characters.

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    The sale ends June 20th, 2024.


    Our standard delivery time for premade characters is within 10 days from payment.

    Once you fill out the order form, you’ll get a link to our secure payment page.

    What happens after I book/pay?

    You’ll get an email invoice to confirm your payment. Within 24h, we will contact you personally to confirm your order and the edits you’ve requested. If there are any concerns, we’ll iron those out before proceeding. You’re welcome to email through any referene images. Once the edits have been confirmed, we’ll edit your characters and email them through, within 10 days from the payment date (often earlier!).

    Premade character SALE IS ON!!!

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    The sale ends June 20th, 2024.

    Order premade character(s)

    • Write the names of the characters and up to 3 edits each you'd like to make. Please use the names for clarity (i.e. Ben, with Derek's face).
    • Our standard delivery time is within 10 days. If you require your files earlier, please email: enni(at)yummybookcovers.com
    • Your Contact Details

    • The 'submit' button will lead you directly to our payment page to finalize the order. Once paid, your order is added to our job queue and you'll receive an email confirmation.

    Premade character covers – portfolio

    Some of the covers we’ve created for our clients using the pre-made characters

    Order a cover design using premade characters

    I commissioned Enni to re-design my book cover, and I couldn't be happier with the results! She's timely, responsive, and extremely talented.

    Leah Heart


    Enni made my book come to life! She is creative, responsive and very easy to work with. I highly recommend.

    Michelle Paris


    I am beyond happy with the work Enni completed for me. Her understanding of the genre and what I wanted as an author was invaluable. I will definitely be using her for all of my books in the future!

    Kate Breitfeller


    Enni is fantastic at interpreting a brief. She delivers great work always ahead of schedule and to budget — an absolute delight to work with.

    Anouska Jones