The happy day when your print book arrives

by Emma Baird As most authors would agree, a print copy of our book has far more emotional pull on my heart than the electronic version. Even if all you ever do is order one copy for yourself, do it anyway. It cements that feeling that yes, you ARE a proper...

Chick-lit Cover Design Demystified

Chick-lit Cover Design Demystified

Women’s fiction covers are made up of certain common elements. These elements are not random. When used in particular combinations, they actually make very specific promises about the book and its story. Whether these expectations are met is another question. And,...

Why Embrace the Chick-lit Cover Design Rules

Why Embrace the Chick-lit Cover Design Rules

It’s easy to tell that chick-lit is seen as a lesser literary genre, and the cover designs are considered part of the problem. By going for romantic covers with all things cute and pink, are we are reinforcing the idea that women’s fiction should not be taken...

Hi! I'm Enni.

I've worked in the creative industry for nearly two decades. I was born in Finland, but currently, live and work in New Zealand.

As a designer, I love beautiful book covers. As a reader and writer, I love women's fiction. Call it 'chick-lit', call it whatever you want. It is an amazing, worthy genre and there is some serious talent out there!

This website is my way of connecting with fellow writers and offering what I can do – beautiful, yummy book covers.

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