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    I’m only starting my journey as an indie author. Here’s what I’m currently working on…

    A Tiny House on Wheels

    by Enni Tuomisalo
    Having hit 36, Nina is going to start afresh: Quit her stressful job, move to the country and live in a tiny house on wheels, mortgage free. And of course, eat all organic to preserve her declining fertility AND find the right guy to start a family with. Easy peasy. But the life in the middle of the bush is not quite what she expected. Nor is her hot neighbour Jay.

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    Coffee on Waihi Beach

    by Enni Tuomisalo

    A mystery father to find and a hot guy who comes with warnings attached… Ingrid’s New Zealand adventure is no straightforward backpacker trip.

    The 23-year-old has always wanted to find her father, the result of a one-night stand her Finnish mother had years ago when she visited New Zealand herself.

    Packing in her dead-end job in Finland, Ingrid takes herself off for an adventure determined to find the man who makes up the other half of her genes. But a beach fireside encounter with Declan, a local barista, throws a spanner in the works.

    With only minimal information to go on in the hunt for her father, the struggle to find employment to fund her trip and the ongoing battle to resist Declan’s charms, Ingrid has a lot to learn in this thought-provoking and enjoyable chick lit read.