Frequently (or infrequently) asked questions


    Q: What is vector-based illustration?

    Vector-based illustrations are created using mathematical equations to define lines, shapes, and colors, allowing the design to be scaled up or down without losing quality. I draw using photo references (sometimes 3-4 for one character), then tweaking and manipulating the curves, line widths and colours. The great thing about vectors is that you can edit anything, at any stage, with no limitations or quality loss.

    Q: How much do you charge for a custom illustration?

    To help you plan and budget, we offer fixed pricing. Custom design starts from $740. You can see the basic packages I offer on the BOOK DESIGN page.

    Q: Are there any budget options?

    We have some pre-made covers and are currently working on a new set of pre-mades, as well as suite of our own ‘stock’ illustrations, which will be somewhat modifiable and save you money. These will be available in March/April 2023. Make sure you’re on our mailing list so you’re the first to hear about the new designs!

    Q: What types of books do you design covers for?

    We specialise in romantic comedy, romance, comedy, chick lit, women’s fiction, and non-fiction. We also do some cozy mystery and fiction. Within the romance genre, there’s a growing trend toward more discreet, illustrated covers. The change is largely led by the big publishers, which in turn are guided by the market demand.

    Q: What file formats will I receive the final illustration in?

    The ebook cover is delivered as a high-res JPG file, optimized for Amazon (and suitable for other platforms). The paperback cover and interior layouts are delivered as print-ready PDFs.

    Upon request (for a fee), I also offer the native Adobe Illustrator files. You can edit and repurpose the designs. However, you can’t re-sell the illustrations.

    Q: Does your ebook pricing include any book mockups or promo images?

    Yes! I want to set you up to start promoting your book on social media straight away. This is why I usually send you all the character illustrations as separate PNGs, as well as mockups of your book. I also set up a Canva template for promotion and create a few slides to get you started. If you’re a Canva user, I will share the template link so that you can carry on with editing the slides.

    To illustrate what you might get with your ebook file, here’s what I sent to Erin Branscom when delivering the cover of her 3rd book in the Freedom Valley series:

     sDon’t forget to tag us (@yummybookcovers) when sharing your cover for the first time. We love sharing it at the same time to give you a bit of a boost!

     Q: Do you offer other design services?

    Yes. We do book interior layouts and various cover formats, such as hardback and audiobook covers. Many authors get additional illustrations done for book merch, Amazon A+ content, or other promotion. We also do author branding or any other type of design work.

    Q: Are you comfortable illustrating for LGBTQA+, reverse harem, erotica, etc?

    Sure. If you’re after something particularly shocking or explicit (such as nudity or depicting sexual positions), I might advise you to go elsewhere and maybe rethink the idea – especially if you’re planning to advertise on Amazon or Facebook. Also, illustrated characters usually look better with some clothing. Otherwise, it’s just a whole lot of skin tone 🙂

    Q: Can I request changes to the illustration after it’s completed?

    Yes, I offer three rounds of revisions to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final product. If you’re worried about needing more revisions, talk to me. I’ve found that with a good brief and clear direction, I can get very close to what the author has in mind and we hardly ever need to do more than 1-2 rounds of amends. This makes the process rather painless for both of us.

    Q: How long does it take to create a custom illustration?

    I generally book one week for one cover, especially a brand-new design. Sometimes, a series of covers can be done a bit faster. You can expect the first drafts by the end of your booked week. This usually means Friday (New Zealand time, which may be still Thursday elsewhere). If there are any delays, I might work over the weekend but will keep you updated.

    When planning your publishing schedule, please take into account the revisions that are possibly needed, the time it takes to create the paperback cover, and the interior layout (whether this is done by you or us). It is possible to get everything wrapped up within your allocated week, but it’s usually safest to book your design week at least 1-2 weeks before you want to reveal the cover / publish your book.

    Q: Who owns the copyright of the finished art?

    When you pay for custom illustration, you own the copyright to the illustrations created for you, including any characters that don’t end up in the final book cover. Since there are no 3rd party images (photos or stock illustrations) involved, you can use the illustrations for any promo material in any medium. You cannot resell the illustrations.

    As the creator, we retain the right to use your book cover our my portfolio and display it as a work sample on social media. Any ‘left over’ illustrations created as part of the design process and not used on the book cover or obtained for marketing by the author can be used in other design work (usually modified).

    Q: How do I book?

    Please start on the BOOK DESIGN page. Scroll down the page and fill out the booking form. I will get back to you and send you a payment link for the 50% deposit. Once paid, you’re booked in. Please note, this process goes for both new and existing clients. Don’t rely on email. I get a lot of inquiries and operate on a simple ‘first paid, first booked’ principle. Anything else would unfortunately be too complicated 🙂